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The hand that makes the hand that feeds. I got into woodworking in the wake of a master class with Walter Murch, when he said he liked editing at a standing station, as this made him feel like he was working. I then set about building a drafting table and have kept going. Woodwork, light construction, and installation require focus, spatial sense, workflow, a touch, and importantly, taking something to conclusion. It has been essential to my filmmaking. Says Bresson, “a good craftsman loves the board he planes.”

Playscapes (with and for Alex Enarson-Hering)

     Claremont Academy

     Vista Homes HOA     

     Drake Gardens

     Park 583 - The Stone Spiral Water Feature

     Nautilus Deck

     Log Arch

Sculpture and Installation (for and with John Preus)

     Wittgenstein's Hut

     Heideggar's Hut

     Church Altar and Lectern

     Lincoln's Lectern at Gettysburg (from "Adaptations")

     The Cubicles

Full Kitchen with Bartek (Walnut veneer mdf, Maple drawers)

The Drafting Table


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