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doctor and daemon. temporal, graphic construction involved in degradation over time, and in this way is a working on a body. a formulation of physiology that is phenomena of process and event.

George Schaefer is an artist from Chicago, Illinois and Sullivan, Maine. His film work primarily involves 16mm film, hand-manipulated and tape-spliced, constructed as loops and longer-form montage. He uses found and acquired footage, his own photographed materials, and sometimes just places pieces from elsewhere onto leader. Through a variety of techniques (ink, acrylic, sharpie, tape, bleach, woodburner, cut and paste) come an array of manic and fragmented forms, projected in juxtaposition and accompanied by modulated audio (native to the film, digitally processed) or independent sound artists. Aside from his Monstrous Little Films project, George has projected visuals for electronic artist TüTH, Midwaste noise-ensemble Signal Decay, and with AQ Charlton and Nick Wilson as Wheat Paste Viaducts. He has also worked extensively with friend and visual artist Marco G Ferrari on his films and installations. As supplement and extension of his film craft, George hosts an underground film screening event, 16mm Film Night, works as a projectionist at Doc Films, and is a woodworker about Chicago, recently assisting artist John Preus in the build of his commissioned structures for the Neubauer Collegium exhibit Hutopia. George attended Oberlin College and is a graduate of the University of Chicago’s MAPH program.

CinemaofPhotodeath at gmail

instagram @photodeath_

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